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Preparing for a Hurricane or a Tropical Storm


You can’t stop a tropical storm or hurricane, but you can take steps now to protect you and your family. If you live in areas at risk, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages you to begin preparing for hurricane season. The Atlantic hurricane season is June 1 through November 30 each year. Read More >

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Going Out to Eat with Food Allergies

Food Allergy Awareness Week

Rick, Lois, Angus, and Samantha visit a new restaurant to celebrate Rick’s birthday. They are excited to try the restaurant they’ve heard so much about. The host seats them and they start looking over their menus to decide what to order. Lois is allergic to peanuts, so she wonders about the ingredients in the eggrolls. Read More >

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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

The outer ear—the part of the ear you see—funnels sound waves into the ear canal.

May is “Better Hearing and Speech Month,” a time to raise awareness about what you need to do to protect your hearing. Did You Know? Repeated exposure to loud noise over the years can damage your hearing—long after exposure has stopped. This is just one of the many informative facts available on CDC’s National Center Read More >

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May is ALS Awareness Month; the ALS Registry Offers Hope

ALS Resgistry

Because learning more about ALS is an important step in the battle to defeat it, the National ALS Registry gathers confidential health information from people who are living with the disease to learn more about what causes ALS and possibly lead to better treatments. Read More >

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