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The Value of Prevention Does Not End at 65

A group of five multi-ethnic seniors standing together in a park wearing casual clothing. The African-American couple in the middle are smiling and the others are laughing.

Medical science deserves hearty congratulations for extending the lifespan of Americans to 80 years and beyond. This is truly an impressive feat, considering that most babies born in 1900 did not live past the age of 50. I rejoice in my own longevity, as I’m sure you do. But I also wonder whether the same health care system that gave me these extra years is doing its best to help me make sure those years are healthy ones. Frankly, I have my doubts.  Read More >

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A Call for Action: Responding to the Increasing Incidence of Liver Cancer in the United States

Green cancer ribbon in the palm of a hand

Liver cancer is on the rise in the United States. From 2006 to 2015, the incidence of liver and intrahepatic bile duct cancer increased 32%, and deaths from liver cancer increased by 25%. Several factors increase a person’s risk for liver cancer including: chronic hepatitis C, chronic hepatitis B; obesity and type 2 diabetes (as they relate to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease); and alcoholic cirrhosis. Read More >

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When Cancer Runs in the Family

CDC Health Scientist Temeika Fairley's Aunt Pat.

"I’ve learned a lot about my family in this process as these health conversations have often turned into stories of our history, our tenacity, and characteristics that we all share. I know that Aunt Pat would be proud of us for having these tough conversations and learning more about ourselves. We all miss her, but her memory remains strong." Read More >

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